Developing targeted antibodies to modulate the Wnt Pathway.

“Harnessing Wnt signaling has been untenable for decades, leaving the broad therapeutic potential of the Wnt pathway largely untapped. Surrozen’s technology platforms render this pathway accessible to drug discovery in an unprecedented manner, paving the way for a new class of regenerative medicines.”

— Craig Parker

Chief Executive Officer

We are committed to developing a new class of targeted regenerative antibodies to repair a broad range of tissues and organs damaged by serious disease, and to improve organ function. Our technologies are targeted tissue-specific antibodies that selectively modulate the Wnt pathway.

It has long been known that Wnt proteins have a profound impact on maintenance and self-renewal of stem cells in a variety of tissues. While this pathway plays a crucial role in injury- or disease-related tissue repair, scientists have been unable to overcome the technical challenges inherent in developing a therapeutic based on modulating the Wnt pathway. We believe that Surrozen’s technology overcomes hurdles that have constrained drug development efforts to date, and may pave the way for a broad pipeline of novel therapies.