Targeted Regenerative Antibodies: Harnessing the Body’s Own Repair Mechanisms

Through selective activation of the Wnt pathway with targeted antibodies, Surrozen is pioneering a new class of therapeutics to treat serious diseases characterized by tissue injury.

Surrozen is pioneering a new class of targeted regenerative antibodies to repair a broad range of tissues and restore organs damaged by serious disease. By designing tissue-specific antibodies that engage the body’s own biological repair mechanisms, we are developing a broad pipeline of first in class drug candidates to help patients across multiple disease areas of high unmet need. With pharmaceutical properties, this platform promises to overcome many of the current limitations of regenerative medicines.

Combining an understanding of Wnt pathway biology in specific disease settings, with advanced antibody engineering techniques, we design and develop tissue-specific antibodies that have the potential to regenerate tissue. The Wnt signaling pathway plays a critical role in development processes, stem cell maintenance, and tissue regeneration. It is relevant in a broad spectrum of organs and tissues, and Wnt pathway modulation could be applied in diseases such as liver, intestine, retinal, lacrimal gland, lung, cornea, pancreas, skin and many others. Surrozen’s uniquely-engineered antibodies are designed to selectively modulate the Wnt pathway to repair tissue damaged by these and other diseases, and to improve organ function.

Our vision is to engage the body’s own biological tissue repair mechanisms with our targeted regenerative antibodies, overcoming research and development hurdles that have been previously intractable, and have held back drug development efforts in the promising area of Wnt biology.

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