Culture Matters

We know how much culture matters to the quality of our work experience.  We are committed to strengthening our culture every day. We develop leaders at all levels, expand our comfort zones through team adventures and enthusiastically celebrate our accomplishments together.

Our inclusive and pioneering culture creates a sense of belonging, impact, adventure and fun. Join us and Collaborate, Lead, Innovate, Motivate and be Brave, Open and Nurturing at Surrozen!   

What Employees Are Saying

"At Surrozen we have various teams, but there is one team that always stands out, Team Surrozen. We care about the growth and well-being of our fellow ReZenerators and try to align our individual goals and priorities to the larger goal of regenerating damaged tissues."
— Meghah, Senior Research Associate

"Within a short span of time, Surrozen has pioneered in design and development of novel formats of tetravalent, bispecific biologics for Wnt-signal modulation. Surrozen's SWEETS and SWAP platforms offer previously untapped potential to cure a wide array of grave diseases that would benefit from tissue regeneration."
— Partha, Senior Scientist

"Surrozen's dedication to cultivating its team enables me to do my best work and contribute to our mission in a way that I'm immensely proud of."
— Rochelle, Business Operations Associate

"I’m thankful to be at a company that places an emphasis on personal development. As my skill set expands, I’m able to take on new roles and responsibilities, which really makes me feel like I’m growing alongside the company."
— Nick, Research Associate

"Teamwork and collaboration are the cornerstones of success at Surrozen. There is extensive interaction, camaraderie and interdependence amongst members of the various teams which translates into high productivity and accomplishments."
— Priya, Senior Scientist

"From the concept of harnessing Wnt signaling, to the engineering of potent Wnt surrogates, and to investigating drug efficacy in tissue injury models in vitro and in vivo, we continue to walk at the forefront of the science of tissue regeneration."
— Chenggang, Principal Scientist

Our Vision

Purpose:  To treat disease by unlocking the powerful self-renewal properties of the body

Vision: We are pioneering regenerative medicine through Wnt pathway modulation

Mission: To develop the first human therapeutics that modulate the Wnt pathway

Our Values

Our inclusive and pioneering culture creates a sense of belonging, impact, adventure and fun. Our values are not just words on the wall.  We embody these shared principles in our work and daily interactions. Collaborate, Lead, Innovate, Motivate and be Brave, Open and Nurturing.

Leadership Development

Our Surrozen Leadership Academy is a learning opportunity offered to everyone as we continue to develop our skills and grow as leaders. Areas of focus include:

  • Building leaders at all levels
  • What great managers do
  • Decision making
  • Managing your energy
  • Career development

COVID- 19 Statement

Surrozen is committed to the global effort to reduce the spread of the virus causing COVID-19.  As part of this commitment, we require that all of our employees be fully vaccinated and receive a booster during the appropriate timeframe. Surrozen will consider accommodations for valid medical reasons or sincerely held religious beliefs, on an individual basis.   

We commit to shared diligence in the safety of our workplace and to insure the health of our team and our business. As a company we created these Shared Diligence Agreements to guide us during this time.

  • We take personal responsibility for our actions
  • We take extra care to protect ourselves and our colleagues
  • We are safe to communicate our specific needs and preferences
  • We identify hazards and fill in gaps for each other
  • We are learning as we go
  • We continue to improve our processes as we expand our learning

"The company went above and beyond to make us feel that we were the most important company assets during the pandemic.  We have remained productive throughout and are coming out even stronger on the other end. "

— Helene, Associate Director